Wooden Interior Design for Stunning Vacation Home Model – Perfectly isolated, this vacation home with wooden interior design done by Pearson Design Group undoubtedly offers the total peace and the overflowing soothing vibe for a more comfortable retreat. Entitled as JH Modern, this retreat is designed with the stunning and striking contemporary approach to keep this recreational living space up to date without neglecting the harmony with the natural surroundings. You can find how this JH Modern is done with a high respect with openness to nature.

Living Room Decorated with Contemporary Sofa Furniture and Stylish Chandelier Lighting

Located in a natural environment of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, US, this JH Modern benefits the fresh air and beautiful natural scenery the big cities will never have. Thus, this modern vacation home with the wooden interior design pays a high attention to create the openness between indoors and outdoors, which results in the overflowing of airy atmosphere for each of its rooms. Using the transparent glass element extensively mainly creates this openness.

As to blend with the surroundings easily, this Pearson Design Group has done an excellent work in using the wood material as part of this home design. Seen easily from JH Modern’s exterior, we really love how the rusted, weathered wood element creates a wonderful harmony while keeping up with the contemporary architectural design perfectly. This charming natural element, however, is used as the essential material for interior as well. The wooden interior, along with the total openness offered, thus creating the perfect transition as if the indoor living space is united with nature.

This living room is our favorite space of this JH Modern. It is undoubtedly easy to find yourself stunned seeing the charming and lovely weathered wood element wrapping this room thoroughly, while the wall space is fully equipped with large glass element. However, the most striking part is the use of rusted wood element for the cozy seating, creating a wonderful mix of modernity with rustic touch for a more wonderful impression. This modern vacation house with the wooden interior design, needless to say, has marked a new trend for a wonderful approach to adore the beauty of natural element.

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