Living Room Decorated with Modern Green Sofa Furniture

Studio Apartment Interior with Minimalist Concept for Decoration – Viraje Arquitecturea, a well-known architect from Valencia finally finishes his project on applying studio apartment interior to one of urban apartment in Vilamarxant. As a duplex apartment, indeed, minimalist interior is the most suitable apartment decoration. Hence, all interior decoration of this apartment is applied by minimalist furniture with minimalist concept for interior, too.

Now, I want to show you some eccentric pictures of this duplex apartment that is built in midtown of Vilamarxant. Indeed, since interior wall of this duplex apartment is dominated by white color, the minimalist furniture is really looked so compact to interior design. In addition, the studio apartment interior is also looked so fit to minimalist concept that is applied as main interior design. For its minimalist furniture, pattern concept is applied for the interior furniture so that if other minimalist furniture is made from suede material, this furniture is made from fabric material. Indeed, the pattern concept for minimalist furniture is so compact to minimalist design of interior decoration.

With ornamental ceiling lamps are installed as main interior lamp, this duplex apartment is the most eccentric apartment in Valencia. In the lower floor, living room, kitchen and dining room are applied on a single compartment with single square compartment design. Meanwhile, the upper floor is applied as bedroom, lavatory and family room. The working place is also applied at the upper floor. To go upstairs, the glass balustrade is installed with glass staircase design on a concrete wall. Indeed, white oak wood is applied as main interior floor design, while still the interior wall is applied by concrete material.

With colorful furniture applied as main interior furniture for this duplex apartment, interior design of this apartment becomes more eccentric. IN addition, minimalist concept that is applied for main interior design is so compact to main interior furniture. Hence, for a duplex apartment, this kind of studio apartment interior is the perfect interior decoration.


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