Retreat with Woods Materials and Screen Glass Make Perfect the Building Decor

Small Cabin Decorating with Natural Wooden Material – In this section we will talk about small cabin decorating in the nature. This cabin can be found in Kjepso, Hardanger Fjord, Norway. This cabin is popular with the name of Hardanger Retreat. This cabin is designed by Todd Saunders and Tommie Wilhelmsen. The design of this cabin is made in curve design that can be looked at the first picture. The design of this cabin is made with wooden material and glass material. The path is also built with wooden material.

The ornament of this small cabin decorating is made in the nature of the forest. You can see that there are many high trees around the cabin. It is also built beside the lake. It is can be seen at the second picture. Meanwhile, in the next picture we can see that the design of this cabin is also made in square design. Viewed from the side of the house, the wall is made using wooden material and also glass material. The glass wall is made between the wooden walls.

Viewed from the in front of the house, the design of this house looks simple. The wooden material still used to the wall design. The glass material is used for the door and window. The terrace is made in narrow and long design. There are two chairs which are put in the corner of the terrace. The terrace of this house is made in thick wooden board that we can be seen at the fifth picture. The design of the wooden board is made in long square design.

The color of the wood used in this cabin and terrace is using wooden material. The terrace and also the house are made in high design from the soil. It is built in stage design. This small cabin decorating is made in simple design.


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