Cozy Sofa Set in Captivating Contemporary Home Interior – Entitled as Sorrento, this contemporary home located in the famous Melbourne, Australia displays the beautiful harmony between aesthetics aspect and cozy vibe with the cozy sofa set. Designed fantastically by Carlisle Homes, this Sorrento residence showcases the luxurious feeling flowing throughout each of its rooms designed in spacious interior. Our favorite part of this living space is how Carlisle Homes successfully made the neutral colors employed look more fascinating with perfect furniture style and texture applied.

Let’s take a look at this Sorrento residence’s interior. Walking into the open living area, you can find how this contemporary home design is carefully done to retain the coziness and soothing vibe for a comfortable place to gather with friends or family. We really love how this living area is designed with spacious room available for cozy sofa set designed beautifully in modern style and wrapped in light grey tone. Cozy cushions with cool design are added to create the deluxe impression, as well as for the coffee table design.

Equipped with open kitchen, this open living area certainly benefits the total impression. You can see how the open floor plan successfully makes this living area feels undoubtedly spacious. With cozy seating provided, this room certainly is the great spot to gather with friends or big family while enjoying the delightful dishes prepared and served on the open kitchen. Not to miss your attention, you can find how this comfortable feeling is provided beautifully by the warm beige colors splashing in this open living area.

Not only cozy indoors, this Sorrento residence is designed to provide the cozy living area outdoors. Undoubtedly perfect for the hot summer days, you can find the spacious terrace that is equipped with ceiling fan to keep this outdoor space cool. Equipped with cozy seating and warm fireplace, along with the comfortable dining space, Carlisle Homes really knows how to blend the contemporary home design ideas with the cozy sofa set for a more comfortable place to live in!


Outdoors Patio Designs for Incredible Rectangular Studio Exterior – Mazier Behroz that builds container studio is indeed applying rectangular studio with the outdoor patio designs for main design for both exterior and interior decoration. In addition, wavy pattern of container itself embosses rustic impression of a modern studio. With some subtropical plants are planted surrounding this studio, exterior design of which becomes so incredible.

Modern Contemporary Style Used Glass Door and Wooden Deck Flooring
Modern Contemporary Style

Since main exterior wall and rooftop of this studio is applied by contained as main exterior design, glass panels install the front part and rear part. In addition, Twins containers that are redesigned into small container studio is really embossing classy nuance. For front part, the glass panel is redesigned in form of sliding door and square window. Indeed, the Rectangular Studio Layout is emerging natural nuance for such classy studio design. Some round concrete pathways that are built connecting front part and rear part are actually a way to outdoor patio designs at the backyard.

For interior design, white color is dominating the color for interior wall and even staircase design. Some colorful paintings that are placed on a concrete white wall are looked so incredible because it has classy outlook to white color of interior wall. Interior furniture that is applied as main interior furniture of this studio is indeed made from finest wooden material. Cedar wood, for instance is chosen as main material for the interior furniture. This cedar wood is indeed the most suitable material for interior furniture because it has authentic pattern.

Considering the interior wall is painted in white color, the interior furniture is also painted in colorful model. In fact, the main material of which is made from wooden material, the colorful model is so compact to interior furniture. Hence, for a modern studio, rectangular studio style with the outdoor patio designs is perfect design of container model for exterior and colorful furniture for interior with minimalist interior style.

Colorful Home Furnishings for Authentic Private House – 67 Jalan Binchang that is considered as one of Private House in midtown of Singapore is really authentic design because of the colorful home furnishings. In addition, with geometrical design applied as main exterior design, this private residence must have authentic interior decoration along with its modern interior furniture.

Outdoor Space Decorated with Modern Staircase Used Wooden Material and Natural Landscaping Style
Modern Staircase Used Wooden Material

Designed by AD Lab, the exterior design of this private residence is applied by natural material such as black stone and granite stone for rooftop design. Usually, granite stone is applied as main design for outdoor fence or floor, but applying this material for rooftop plan must be so authentic idea. With private house target with the colorful home furnishings to be built in the midtown of Singapore, such geometrical design for exterior design is the most authentic design for modern private residence. In addition, surrounded by other skyscraper buildings, the private residence is looked so compact since it has some tropical plants planted at the backyard. There is also a golf lawn that is usually used by members of golf club.

As private residence, indeed, modern furniture is also so suitable for interior decoration. With modern furniture for main interior decoration, the private residence is the most authentic house in midtown of Singapore. For main design of the interior furniture, colorful model is applied as main design for the interior furniture. Since the marble stone is applied as main interior decoration for floor plan, the colorful furnishings are looked so authentic. In addition, the marble floor is reflecting classy reflection of the colorful furnishings as main interior decoration.

With ornamental pendant lamps are installed as main interior lamp, the marble interior floor is also looked so authentic. In addition, the geometrical style that is applied as main rooftop design of this private residence is looked so authentic for interior ceiling design. Therefore, modern furniture with the colorful home furnishings as main interior design is looked the most suitable for private house style built in midtown of Singapore.

Stage Lighting Lamps for Inspiring Square Room Decoration – Studio no.210 that is designed by Buildall Homes Ins is indeed the most inspiring Square Room for urban flat with the stage lighting lamps. Indeed, for urban flat that is designed by applying minimalist furniture, small compartment will no longer being a problem. Indeed, this minimalist furniture can be arranged perfectly on the interior design of this urban flat, which has small compartment for interior decoration.

Here, I want to show you some inspiring pictures of this urban flat that is applied by minimalist furniture for main interior design. You also have to know that for small compartment, it may be so difficult to apply compact square room furniture placement. However, Buildall Homes Inc. is succeeding to apply the minimalist furniture on a single small compartment. In this urban flat, kitchen, dining room, living room and even bedroom is applied on a single compartment. However, for the bedroom design, it is applied on a different room separated by small concrete wall. Indeed, this urban apartment still has unique design with the stage lighting lamps for interior since all furniture is applied on a single compartment.

Whether an open staircase design is installed on a concrete wall as room separator, it is actually going to nowhere because it is used as interior decoration. With white color dominating interior wall’s color, the glass balustrade of open staircase style is looked so inspiring. In addition, white oak wood that is installed as main interior furniture is really compact to minimalist furniture that is installed as main interior furniture. Stage lamps that are installed as main interior lamp are also embossing classy nuance for interior.

Indeed, the minimalist furniture that is applied as main interior furniture is looked so compact with its minimalist design for main concept. Whether this minimalist furniture is applied on a single apartment, in fact, the square room design with the stage lighting lamps of this urban apartment is still the most inspiring one.

Studio Apartment Interior with Minimalist Concept for Decoration – Viraje Arquitecturea, a well-known architect from Valencia finally finishes his project on applying studio apartment interior to one of urban apartment in Vilamarxant. As a duplex apartment, indeed, minimalist interior is the most suitable apartment decoration. Hence, all interior decoration of this apartment is applied by minimalist furniture with minimalist concept for interior, too.

Now, I want to show you some eccentric pictures of this duplex apartment that is built in midtown of Vilamarxant. Indeed, since interior wall of this duplex apartment is dominated by white color, the minimalist furniture is really looked so compact to interior design. In addition, the studio apartment interior is also looked so fit to minimalist concept that is applied as main interior design. For its minimalist furniture, pattern concept is applied for the interior furniture so that if other minimalist furniture is made from suede material, this furniture is made from fabric material. Indeed, the pattern concept for minimalist furniture is so compact to minimalist design of interior decoration.

With ornamental ceiling lamps are installed as main interior lamp, this duplex apartment is the most eccentric apartment in Valencia. In the lower floor, living room, kitchen and dining room are applied on a single compartment with single square compartment design. Meanwhile, the upper floor is applied as bedroom, lavatory and family room. The working place is also applied at the upper floor. To go upstairs, the glass balustrade is installed with glass staircase design on a concrete wall. Indeed, white oak wood is applied as main interior floor design, while still the interior wall is applied by concrete material.

With colorful furniture applied as main interior furniture for this duplex apartment, interior design of this apartment becomes more eccentric. IN addition, minimalist concept that is applied for main interior design is so compact to main interior furniture. Hence, for a duplex apartment, this kind of studio apartment interior is the perfect interior decoration.

Waterfront Home Designs Nested on Hemingway’s Favorite Holiday Place – The reason the waterfront home designs special is not merely because of its beautiful design. If you are an avid reader of classic literature, Ernest Hemingway is undoubtedly a familiar name for you. Overlooking the sparkling blue water of Walloon Lake, it is said that this place is Hemingway’s favorite spot for vacation.

As the sparkling lake view can enhance the amenities of this Walloon Lake House, the waterfront home designs also celebrate the totally fresh atmosphere provided by the lush greeneries surrounding. As you can see, the natural greeneries can play a great role for the waterfront home designs here since they can serve greatly as buffer to keep this home perfectly shut. Thus, it becomes unsurprising to know this place is totally perfect to get away for a while from daily routines.

You can find how this modern home exterior is designed with plentiful transparent glass windows. Well, it becomes unsurprising as the glass windows surely can help integrating the spectacular natural scenery indoors, doesn’t it? Entering this home, you can also find how bright and airy each room is as plenty of natural light can get into this home easily.

The interior of this home is beautifully done to display the elegant impression without neglecting the comfort. As you can see, this modern home employs the beautiful warm color for every room generously. This way, the comfort can be delivered thoroughly as the warm interior surely can make this home even more comfortable to live in.

Well, just take a look at this living room. As its wooden ceiling and accent wall can wrap this room in warmth, the choice of beautiful and absolutely cozy seating surely will make it even more than perfect to spend the leisure times with family indoors. The meet of warm interior and refreshing scenery integrated through the glass windows as part of the modern waterfront home designs here is perfect to create a dreamy residence to live in, isn’t it?

Modern Interior Theme to Decorate Room Interior

Modern Interior Theme to Decorate Room Interior. The colorful and modern interior theme can be found in many stores. Decorating the house using this interior makes your room look elegant. The example of good design of the interior used in the house can be seen in 949 Park Avenue Residences. This house is designed by C3D Architecture. The interior design of this house is using bright interior that can be seen at the first picture. The ceiling and the wall interior is made using white paint. The floor of this room is made using brown tile. The architecture design is also used in the wall interior.

Room Showing Storage and White Curtain at the House
Room Showing Storage

The furniture used in the family room is using modern interior theme too. The furniture used in this room is white sofas, square glass table, white cabinetry, white rack, and also white table. The sofa is put in the middle of the room. The cabinetry and the rack are put on the wall. A white table is put in the edge of the room. There are table lamps, books, and sculpture put in this table.

At the third picture, you can see the detail of the table and the carpet used in this family room. The table is made in long design using transparent glass. There is a pot, glass, and jar on the table. The carpet used under the table and sofa is brown color. In the next picture, you can see the detail of the rack and cabinetry used in this room. The white rack is used to put the TV and books. The cabinetry is made in white design. The design of the wall is made in batik style.

When you are coming to the kitchen you can found that the furniture used is using brown and white. These colors are used for the cabinet, racks, and also storage. The design of the kitchen looks neat. In the dining room, you can found the L shape of the chairs put in the edge of the room next to the stairs. The white table is also used in this room. There is also a chandelier as the modern interior theme for this interior room.