Modern Dining Room Nearby the Window Decorated near Indoor Planter and Wall Arts for Decor

Outdoors Patio Designs for Incredible Rectangular Studio Exterior – Mazier Behroz that builds container studio is indeed applying rectangular studio with the outdoor patio designs for main design for both exterior and interior decoration. In addition, wavy pattern of container itself embosses rustic impression of a modern studio. With some subtropical plants are planted surrounding this studio, exterior design of which becomes so incredible.

Modern Contemporary Style Used Glass Door and Wooden Deck Flooring
Modern Contemporary Style

Since main exterior wall and rooftop of this studio is applied by contained as main exterior design, glass panels install the front part and rear part. In addition, Twins containers that are redesigned into small container studio is really embossing classy nuance. For front part, the glass panel is redesigned in form of sliding door and square window. Indeed, the Rectangular Studio Layout is emerging natural nuance for such classy studio design. Some round concrete pathways that are built connecting front part and rear part are actually a way to outdoor patio designs at the backyard.

For interior design, white color is dominating the color for interior wall and even staircase design. Some colorful paintings that are placed on a concrete white wall are looked so incredible because it has classy outlook to white color of interior wall. Interior furniture that is applied as main interior furniture of this studio is indeed made from finest wooden material. Cedar wood, for instance is chosen as main material for the interior furniture. This cedar wood is indeed the most suitable material for interior furniture because it has authentic pattern.

Considering the interior wall is painted in white color, the interior furniture is also painted in colorful model. In fact, the main material of which is made from wooden material, the colorful model is so compact to interior furniture. Hence, for a modern studio, rectangular studio style with the outdoor patio designs is perfect design of container model for exterior and colorful furniture for interior with minimalist interior style.


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