Modern Interior Theme to Decorate Room Interior

Modern Interior Theme to Decorate Room Interior. The colorful and modern interior theme can be found in many stores. Decorating the house using this interior makes your room look elegant. The example of good design of the interior used in the house can be seen in 949 Park Avenue Residences. This house is designed by C3D Architecture. The interior design of this house is using bright interior that can be seen at the first picture. The ceiling and the wall interior is made using white paint. The floor of this room is made using brown tile. The architecture design is also used in the wall interior.

Room Showing Storage and White Curtain at the House
Room Showing Storage

The furniture used in the family room is using modern interior theme too. The furniture used in this room is white sofas, square glass table, white cabinetry, white rack, and also white table. The sofa is put in the middle of the room. The cabinetry and the rack are put on the wall. A white table is put in the edge of the room. There are table lamps, books, and sculpture put in this table.

At the third picture, you can see the detail of the table and the carpet used in this family room. The table is made in long design using transparent glass. There is a pot, glass, and jar on the table. The carpet used under the table and sofa is brown color. In the next picture, you can see the detail of the rack and cabinetry used in this room. The white rack is used to put the TV and books. The cabinetry is made in white design. The design of the wall is made in batik style.

When you are coming to the kitchen you can found that the furniture used is using brown and white. These colors are used for the cabinet, racks, and also storage. The design of the kitchen looks neat. In the dining room, you can found the L shape of the chairs put in the edge of the room next to the stairs. The white table is also used in this room. There is also a chandelier as the modern interior theme for this interior room.


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