Home Office Kit for Fascinating and Modern Home Interior – Benn & Penna Architects has done finishing this fascinating modern living space designed with modern interior and home office kit. Located in Balmain, Australia, this Balmain Houses will capture your attention just by how Benn & Penna beautifully mix the aesthetical aspect with comfort one. Mainly showcasing the use of white color extensively, it becomes unsurprising that the bright and airy feeling overflows this Balmain Houses.

Designed to preserve the privacy of its residents, this Balmain Houses exterior design turns to play a vital role to influence its modern interior design with the home office kit. As you can see, Balmain Houses showcase the use of vertical wooden shades for the windows to protect the privacy without limiting the amount of natural light indoors. You can see from this picture that the result is really stunning. The wooden shades wonderfully incorporated to this home’s interior without disrupting the overall look and impression.

The minimalist approach as part of this home interior design successfully accentuates the airy impression throughout each space. However, you can find how the charming wooden stain of the flooring plays a vital role in keeping the interior of this Balmain Houses cozy and soothing. The charming warm color shade that is mainly seen on the flooring will please the eyes while contrasting the clean and bright white surface perfectly. We also love how the wooden surface successfully makes the furniture wrapped in this element looks more interesting.

You can notice the charming mix of white surface and charming wooden one in this airy kitchen space. Look at the minimalist kitchen island design wrapped in charming wooden surface with cool and sleek legs design made of steel. Topped with gorgeous black counter top, the island is also equipped with shimmering brass faucet.

As for this corridor, we really love how Benn & Penna cleverly uses the large wooden shelves rather than railings. Providing additional storage space while maximizing the available space, the wooden shelves showcase the wonderful impression. The shelves, looking really great as part of this modern interior design ideas, may serve as a great buffer to keep this home office kit as well.

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