Green Garden Bench For Contemporary Mountain Residence

Green Garden Bench for Contemporary Mountain Residence. At this amazing time we are going to bring some reviews of a mountain residence with green garden bench you can find in Austin, Texas, USA. Cornerstone Architects has designed this beautiful residence with impressive house design that people will love to have a house like this or get inspired by. The front yard of this house presents such a steady house with natural environment of the green garden surrounding it. The stone walls of this pretty residence are also amazing through their creamy color scheme.

Named Cat Mountain Residence by its designers, this amazing residence is so stylish because of the green garden bench. From the reviews of the front yard, it is such a great time to appreciate the back yard of this residence. The back yard has a well-designed pool. It is constructed by strong concrete material. Next to this stylish pool, a modern porch with an outdoor fireplace looks so comfortable to have tea with the whole family. White upholstered sectional sofa set with a wooden coffee table are so cool accompanied by abstract patterned cushions on the sofa sections. The ceiling of this porch is wood ceiling by applying wooden panels. On this ceiling we can find some built in lamps.

From the outside part of this adorable residence, let us go to the inside part to know more about this residence interior design. An opened living room with exposed ceiling beams looks so fascinating. The rustic beams used on the ceiling are so cool through their traditional appearance.

This opened living room has a living room space which is fully furnished with a set of sectional sofa. A classical furry rug is used on the floor beyond the sofa set. From this space we can access another space which is a modern white kitchen. The three glass pendant lamps hanged on its ceiling are so chic in design. This inspiring Cat Mountain Residence house plan with green garden bench is so useful for people in renovating this old house into the new one.