Cozy Sofa Set in Captivating Contemporary Home Interior – Entitled as Sorrento, this contemporary home located in the famous Melbourne, Australia displays the beautiful harmony between aesthetics aspect and cozy vibe with the cozy sofa set. Designed fantastically by Carlisle Homes, this Sorrento residence showcases the luxurious feeling flowing throughout each of its rooms designed in spacious interior. Our favorite part of this living space is how Carlisle Homes successfully made the neutral colors employed look more fascinating with perfect furniture style and texture applied.

Let’s take a look at this Sorrento residence’s interior. Walking into the open living area, you can find how this contemporary home design is carefully done to retain the coziness and soothing vibe for a comfortable place to gather with friends or family. We really love how this living area is designed with spacious room available for cozy sofa set designed beautifully in modern style and wrapped in light grey tone. Cozy cushions with cool design are added to create the deluxe impression, as well as for the coffee table design.

Equipped with open kitchen, this open living area certainly benefits the total impression. You can see how the open floor plan successfully makes this living area feels undoubtedly spacious. With cozy seating provided, this room certainly is the great spot to gather with friends or big family while enjoying the delightful dishes prepared and served on the open kitchen. Not to miss your attention, you can find how this comfortable feeling is provided beautifully by the warm beige colors splashing in this open living area.

Not only cozy indoors, this Sorrento residence is designed to provide the cozy living area outdoors. Undoubtedly perfect for the hot summer days, you can find the spacious terrace that is equipped with ceiling fan to keep this outdoor space cool. Equipped with cozy seating and warm fireplace, along with the comfortable dining space, Carlisle Homes really knows how to blend the contemporary home design ideas with the cozy sofa set for a more comfortable place to live in!


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