Contemporary Cottage Architecture With Fascinating Forests Surrounding

Contemporary Cottage Architecture with Fascinating Forests Surrounding. To get inspired by contemporary cottage architecture named Camelot 2 in Cesana Torinese, Turin is such useful inspiring idea of having your own cottage or living place. This Italian cottage was built by Italian architect firm CON3STUDIO. It has natural environment which is dense forests of tall pine trees covered by bright white snows. The nearby mountains which are not far from the cottage have very amazing snowy peaks that everyone will love to have such ski there. The soft blue sky there combined with the natural scenery surrounding the cottage makes the cottage becomes one of beautiful cottage in Italy that people should visit during the holiday season especially in winter.

If you are people with contemporary cottage architecture needs inspiring cottage design or you are people need such a place to spend holiday during winter, this amazing cottage is a right one for you. To help you in knowing further about this cottage, we will bring you to appreciate rooms of it. Be ready for the exciting interior design of them.

The first room we are going to talk is the living room. The living room of this cottage has very amazing interior design that looks so great framing the natural scenery outside. It has exposed ceiling beams with some futuristic pendant lamps as the modern lighting concept installed on. The glass walls on this room are also used as windows which let us to enjoy the beautiful natural environment outside. On the corner of this living room we can find an indoor fireplace constructed by metal material.

Next to this living room separated with stone walls, we can find a modern kitchen with wood ceiling and futuristic kitchen appliances. It has wood walls by applying unvarnished wooden planks. The floor concept of this room is using chessboard patterned tiles. This cottage is so amazing with contemporary cottage architecture that people can use in designing and decorating their own cottage or living place.