Colorful Interior Paint for Modern Cottage Home Design – Decorating the house, cottages, mansion, and villa using colorful interior paint will improve the beautiful of the room. The colorful design of the interior can be found in Seaside Cottages Scatter. The building of this cottage is built near the beach. This cottage is built in two- level design. The shape of the building is very unique. The roof is made in triangle design.

When you are coming inside to this cottage you will found colorful interior paint used in this cottage. Most of the furniture used in this cottage is made with wooden material. It is also made in colorful design. In the second picture, we can see that the design of the table is made in blue. The table is also made with wooden material. The design of this table is made in square design. The function of this table is to put the plant pot, books, and also handcraft. The colorful design is also can be seen at the next picture whereas the cabinet, chair and also mirror frame made in pink color. The material used is also using wooden material. However, the sink and the wasteful are made in white color.

When you are enter to the dining room you will found the colorful design of the slipcover of chairs seaside beach cottages furniture. The design of the slipcovers is made in white fabric. There are flower designs in the slipcovers. The chairs used are made in wooden materials. The dining table is made in square design using white. The other color used is white which is used in the bedroom design. The bed used in the bedroom is made using wooden material. The color of the bed is white. The color of the blanket is brown. The sheets’ color is blue. The carpet that is used under the bed is grey and orange.

In the bedroom, you can also see that there is table dresser put beside the bed. The table dresser is made with wooden material. The color of this table dresser is white. There is some storage available in this table dresser. The green chair is also put beside the dresser. The colorful interior paint is suitable with the bright design of this cottage.