Apartment Interior Styles For Penthouse On The 77th Floor

Apartment Interior Styles for Penthouse on the 77th Floor. A deluxe penthouse shall have lavish apartment interior styles. Just like the apartment we are about to see. The penthouse is located on the very famous apartment building, The Trump World Tower. It is located at the United Nations Plaza. By looking at its name, we know that the building is in Manhattan, New York City. Mark Cunningham presented the interior design; meanwhile Michael Gilmore did the building arrangement.

Metropolitan City Seen through Transparency from Penthouse Interior for Gathering

Metropolitan City Seen through Transparency

The apartment building faces the East River. Consequently, those who reside in a penthouse would be able to enjoy the scenery from above. It makes the apartment interior styles employ so many transparent facades in the apartment’s exterior wall. The living room, for example, employs large glass windows, which enable the residents to enjoy the beautiful river view. The window is framed by stainless steel materials and accompanied by a curtain to provide privacy towards the residents.

The penthouse is also accompanied by a private movie theater. In this part of the building, the residents would be spoiled by the presence of wooden materials covering the wall. It is also complemented by grey carpet on the floor. In terms of furniture, the personal theater employs comfortable sofas as accompanied by a transparent coffee table. The theater’s wall is decorated with large painting of modern art, presenting woman’s face as well as a particular brand symbol.

The residents would also be spoiled by the presents of a study room. In this room, there is a marble flooring colored in grey. In terms of lighting, the residents would be able to enjoy dramatic light presented by modern chandeliers hung above the desk. They would also be able to work on the wooden desk with a set of sophisticated computers. The study room, however, is also equipped with a modern bookshelf mounted on the wall. These apartment interior styles also present a walk-in-wardrobe next to the bathroom.